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I’RONEOUS MEDIA is a Digital Marketing company created by multi-disciplinary artist I’RO in 2022 as a comment to what it really means to be a modern brand.


Often brands are compartmentalized into singular labels that do not accurately define what they do in the creative economy and what they are capable of providing within their scope of products, services and deliverables.


As a result, I’RONEOUS MEDIA’s name derives inspiration from the English word “Erroneous:”

o er·ro·ne·ous


o adjective

wrong; incorrect.

A play on words of I’RO’s artist name. It acts as the vehicle for the agency to sell and distribute products and services revolving around Music, Photography, Videography and Production.



I’RO, the Taino word for “Man or Spirit of a Man,” is an entity from two cultures, the Afro-Caribbean and the Hispanic-American experience. 


I’RO is a Puerto Rican-American multi-disciplinary artist based in Miami with a fascination for Music, Photography, Videography and Production. I’RO’s artistic style is rooted in the visual and audible characteristics of the two lives he lives to produce an eclectic multi-sensory experience.

I’RO as a performing artist has shared the stage around the world with artists like Ed Calle, Eddie Palmieri, Luis Bonilla, Bryan Lynch, John Clayton, Ignacio Berroa and many more notable contributors to Afro-Caribbean and Black American Music.


As of 2023 I’RO has 9 singles that he has released to find his own voice in the music industry and is working with clients using his background in Photography and Videography, to share with the world his multi-faceted perspective.

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